Charity Projects

During several summers, I decided to invest my time in collaborating with different volunteering projects, which also gave me the opportunity of  meeting different cultures around the world. I think helping others helps us inwardly and makes you appreciate everything you have. These are different experiences I had from which I feel very gratefull.


Albania, July 2016

This volunteerning consisted of organizing several groups to help disadvantaged people, specially:

- Poor Children living in the street

-Lone elderly

-Build schools& houses

-Help people with dissabilites

We were a group of 110 young people with a priest. 

Vietnam, July 2017

This volunteering is one of the most special experiences I have lived. We traveled to Sapa, Vietnam to get into the Hmong culture and learn about them. The volunteering consisted of:
- Organized a holiday camp for children -Teach writing and reading to mothers
- Create a crowdfunding to globalize the Hmong ethnic group - Raise awareness about the environment.

Cáritas, September 2017

During my third year of university, on Tuesdays and Thursdays afternoons I went to a social center to help children with special needs with their homework. These children lived only with their mothers and were from foreign countries. They had many social problems, and strong characters.


Last day of the Volunteering in Albania.


Crowdfunding Vietnam


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