Core Values

As a person I belive that there are some values that makes our lives easier. The key is to enjoy every small detail and express your gratitude everyday. Below I will describe which are my core values that I have learned from the people around me, and form different personal experiences.

In addition to these values ​​that I try to apply every day, from a more personal perspective I believe that being passionate, curious and intuitive help us to be more productive and appreciate our lifes. 


Give your self to others

I have learned that the more you give, the more you receive without looking for it. In this life you need to be happy, but specially make others happier. After many charity programs,
I´ve realize that you think you are going to give more to others than you will receive; however, it is completely the opposite. The way of helping others makes you feel different, the satisfaction you feel inside of you is difficult to express.
As Mother Teresa of Calcuta said, “Do not let others approach you without leaving feeling a little bit better and happier”.



Time is one of the most valuable things humans have. That is why we need to be able to take advantege of it and do as much things as we can. I´m very impatient for action, as only action can make things happen. I´ve learned that you can have everything you want in life if you focus on it and work for it. Always look forward and enjoying every step we take.


In this life we need to see things with perspective and try to find the good side of things. From each situation you learn something that will make you stronger and will give you more experience. If you believe in something, you need to fight for it and think in a postive way.


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